All You Need is the Air that You Breathe

While not every vehicle has a cabin filter, it is something that should not be overlooked.  Most newer vehicles have an internal cabin filter that cleans the outside air coming through your air conditioning vents.  This can be helpful while driving in dusty or polluted areas.

While a cabin filter can be effective at reducing the amount of dirt, pollen, and pollution inside your vehicle, sometimes it can be part of the problem: 

If your vehicle does have a cabin filter (which we can determine for you), and if it has become very dirty because it has never been changed, then you could be breathing dirtier air than the air outside.  You could just roll down your window, but it would probably be a better idea to change the cabin filter.  Ask about cabin filters next time you come into the shop, and we'll make sure you're breathing the cleanest air possible.

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